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          Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.
          Veterinary Medicine

          Common name: Pyrimethanil
          Molecular Formula: C12H13N3
          Molecular weight: 199.3
          Chemical structure:
          Registration certification NO. of Pyrimethanil Tech: PD20070584
          Properties: the purity is colorless crystal, M.p.:96.30℃ relate density: 1.15, Solubility in water: 0.12lg/l at 25℃, pH6.1, soluble in most organic solvents.
          Application: Pyrimethanil is an anilinopyrinidine group of fungicide. It has absorption translocation and suffocating efficacy. The product has superior efficacy to gray mold for grape, strawberry, tomato, onion, cucumber and eggplant and ornamental ,and is also efficient to scab of pear.
          Specification for Pyrimethanil Tech:

          Item Index
          Appearance White or light yellowish powder
          Active ingredient, %≥ 95.0
          Moisture, %≤ 2.0 
          Insoluble substance in acetone, %≤ 0.5
          pH range 7.0-8.0

          Specification for Pyrimethanil 400g/l SC:

          Item Index
          Appearance Off-white flowable liquid
          Active ingredient, ≥ 400g/l
          Suspension, %≥ 90
          Pourability   Residual after being poured ,%      ≤ 5.0
            Residual after abstersion,%      ≤ 0.5
          Wet sieve test (325 mesh), %≥ 98

          Packing: In 25kgs woven plastic bag or 100ml×50 bottles per paper carton according to buyer's requirement

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